Sales decks are my jam

As a freelance writer, I’m not frequently on the receiving end of sales presentations (nobody’s trying to win my business!), but I know these can be pretty ghastly. I think companies that aren’t in the business of communicating are catching on to this reality and, lucky for me, are calling on professional writers to help them develop better, clearer sales presentations.

When a client asked me to create a deck for a this-would-be-really-big-for-us sales presentation (that was two weeks away) I was honest with them: “I have never done this before, but I am happy to try.” They were unfazed and figured I was better than the alternative, which was them.

Turns out, it’s not rocket science. Just like everything else I write, it’s common sense. It’s flow. It’s interesting snippets strung together to provide just enough information to entice but not so much to overwhelm.

Unfortunately, I can’t post the finished product here because no company wants their sales prospects to know they didn’t write their own sales deck (and I’m OK with that). So, you’ll just have to trust me—it was good.

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