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I Have Tiny Home Fever

Through one of my clients, I recently had the opportunity to write some website copy for a new tiny home development in Austin, Texas. It was so much fun learning about the development, all the tiny little homes and especially what draws people to the lifestyle. I was sold! Of course, I think if my family were going to join the ranks of tiny house living we would need a tiny house compound. You know, one for my husband and me, one for the kids and their toys, and one… Read more I Have Tiny Home Fever

HealthTrust: The Problem With Overdiagnosis

The Problem With Overdiagnosis, which appeared in the Q3 2016 issue of HealthTrust’s The Source magazine, has been one of my favorite articles to research and write for HealthTrust.  I’d like to take 100 percent credit for coming up with the idea, but that credit goes to a 2015 New Yorker article written by Atul Gawande called Overkill. The concept of overdiagnosis—and the subsequent overtreatment that often comes with an overdiagnosis—is really interesting to me, and should be interesting to lots of people—whether providers, patients or payers. Read the full article here.