Freelance writer, editor and content marketer with 10+ years of experience.

edits-45From history to health care, I’ve covered it all. I became a freelance writer in 2011, which, not coincidentally, was the same year my first child was born. In the past eight years, I’ve enjoyed covering a range of topics for a variety of audiences in both print and online media.

Before beginning my freelance business, I was at Hammock Inc., a custom media company in Nashville, Tennessee, where I worked for nine years in various roles as editor, writer and editorial project manager.

Before starting at Hammock, I was at Vanderbilt University, where I studied Human and Organizational Development and Spanish. While there, I was on staff at The Hustler, which was the student newspaper (not that other publication). My experience at The Hustler was what led me to be a writer.

In my free time, I herd my two children, Thomas and Ellen, through life. My husband, David, and I enjoy traveling, singing karaoke (my signature song is either “Fergalicious” by Fergie or “America” by Neil Diamond, depending on the vibe of the crowd), barely completing triathlons and cheering each other on in our respective pursuits.

For more information on my qualifications, download my resume, check out my portfolio or contact me.