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Here’s another article I wrote for, this time for the Oh-Penn Interstate Region, which covers five counties in Eastern Ohio/Western Pennsylvania. Located in the Rust Belt, it’s certainly not an area known for economic growth, but that doesn’t mean innovation isn’t happening. As I learned from working on this article, the hospitals and health-care providers in the Oh-Penn region are responding to patient population growth by expanding health-care services and enhancing their use of technology. Read the full article here.

Pharmaceutical Commerce: Site Selection Report

One of my very first articles for Pharmaceutical Commerce was a site selection report, which, in layman’s terms, was an article about where the economic development activity was hottest for pharmaceutical companies. As you can imagine, an article like this is a beast to put together. There are just so many factors at play, and so many players – from the companies themselves that choose to locate in a particular region, and the consultants who help those companies make those site selection decisions, to the local governments and other organizations vying for those companies to… Read more Pharmaceutical Commerce: Site Selection Report

Pharmaceutical Commerce: Grappling With the Long-Term Care Market

For the September/October 2012 issue of Pharmaceutical Commerce, a bimonthly that reports on the business side of the pharmaceutical business, I wrote a feature article called Grappling With the Long-Term Care Market. The article looked at the growth opportunities of the long-term care market, as well as challenges and constraints that pharma marketers need to be aware of. Check out the full article.