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Category: HealthTrust

HealthTrust: The Problem With Overdiagnosis

The Problem With Overdiagnosis, which appeared in the Q3 2016 issue of HealthTrust’s The Source magazine, has been one of my favorite articles to research and write for HealthTrust.  I’d like to take 100 percent credit for coming up with the idea, but that credit goes to a 2015 New Yorker article written by Atul Gawande called Overkill. The concept of overdiagnosis—and the subsequent overtreatment that often comes with an overdiagnosis—is really interesting to me, and should be interesting to lots of people—whether providers, patients or payers. Read the full article here. 

HealthTrust: Getting Up to Speed on UDI Requirements

Sometimes when I get an assignment, I look it over and think, “Oh, I know a little something about that already.” That’s a good thing, because that means I’m not starting from scratch. This article in the Q2 2016 issue of HealthTrust’s The Source magazine was not one of those assignments. I may have not even known what UDI stood for. (Answer: Unique Device Identification.) Read the full article. 

HealthTrust: Emerging Technologies in Infection Prevention

This was another article I wrote for the Q1 2015 issue of The Source, the magazine for members of HealthTrust Purchasing Group. I had less than a week to research, interview experts and write a brief article about self-disinfecting products that hospitals can use to stop the spread of hospital-acquired infections. I learned a lot, maybe too much, because as a result, I told one of my buddies from the gym, who is 80 and was getting ready to head to the hospital for surgery, to tell everyone who walked into his hospital room to… Read more HealthTrust: Emerging Technologies in Infection Prevention

HealthTrust’s The Source: A Pathway for Better Care

In the Q1 2015 issue of HealthTrust Purchasing Group’s member magazine, The Source, I explored the innovative methods members of Boston Medical Center’s pharmacy-based antimicrobial stewardship team have used to prevent the costly hospital-acquired infection C. diff. In addition to writing a main article about the program and its results, I also gave my editor a value-add: a sidebar outlining ways any hospital, not just a big, well-funded one like Boston Medical Center, can incorporate antimicrobial stewardship. Read the full article.