I Have Tiny Home Fever

Through one of my clients, I recently had the opportunity to write some website copy for a new tiny home development in Austin, Texas. It was so much fun learning about the development, all the tiny little homes and especially what draws people to the lifestyle. I was sold!

Of course, I think if my family were going to join the ranks of tiny house living we would need a tiny house compound. You know, one for my husband and me, one for the kids and their toys, and one to meet in for family time and dinner. Genius, right?

This particular tiny home development caters not just to minimalists and green-minded folks, but also to part-timers like RV enthusiasts. It makes sense that a tiny home would appeal to them.

Oh, and they also have a hotel adjacent to the community, so you can try it for a few nights—and go back to all your spacious, luxurious square footage at the end of the weekend.


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