Metro Nashville Public Schools: New Sites for Schools

I was on vacation in Jamaica in February 2016 when I got an email, out of the blue, from Metro Nashville Public Schools. They were looking for a project manager and editor for an intense, four-month project that would result in new webpages for 137 of the district’s schools. They wanted to know if I was interested.

schoollogo_2Of course I was interested! My son was ready to start kindergarten in the fall, and I was excited for the opportunity to learn more about the school system.

Well, learn I did! It was an exhilarating, intense, fast-paced project—one of those “eat, sleep and breathe”-type projects—that gave me so much insight into the local school system. I learned about all of the wonderful things going on at schools I’d never heard of, and I learned about the enormous daily challenges facing some of these schools as they struggle to serve their diverse populations.

school_screen_shotYou can’t keep up with 137 schools in your head, so I relied very heavily on Trello, a free tool that I highly recommend to just about anyone for just about anything. For this particular project, I used one Trello board, and had 137 cards in four lists. Over the course of the project, the cards moved from list 1 (schools to come) to list 2 (schools in edit) to list 3 (schools in design) to list 4 (schools approved).

The graphic designer on this project gave me this compliment: “Thanks for all your work on this. I’ve worked with a lot of project managers over the years and you do this job very, very well.”

See right for an example of the work. The pages were done in Squarespace, which I had never worked in before but was very easy to edit.