Biosensors: From Science Fiction to Reality

diabetes-blood-sugar-diabetic-medicine-46173For the Q4 2015 issue of HealthTrust’s The Source, I wrote about biosensors and their evolving journey into the mainstream.

For some articles, my editor gives me a list of experts I need to contact. They are generally subject matter experts at HealthTrust or at HealthTrust member facilities—places like HCA, LifePoint and Trinity Health. That makes my job very easy but it can also be sort of limiting.

It’s nice to be able to hunt for my own expert sources, and for this article I really hit the jackpot in Albert Di Rienzo, who at the time was president of El Paso, Texas-based RedSky, a company that provides funding and other support to healthcare inventors.

Among the things we talked about was the delay in FDA approvals of biosensor devices.

“There’s a fairly substantial bottleneck,” he told me. “More and more biosensors are being approved, but not at the rate we would like.”