20|20 Research: A Blog About Qualitative Research

UntitledWhen I was at Hammock, one of the clients I worked with was 20|20 Research, a worldwide leader in online qualitative research, based right here in Nashville. The nature of our relationship was to help boost the online visibility of their various online qualitative research tools and platforms, and my specific job was to manage a blog that would feature the kind of content one might find helpful if he or she is the kind of person who uses or wants to use online qualitative research tools. I created the editorial calendar, wrote many of the posts, which included case studies, how-tos and news articles, and served as project manager and occasionally as taskmaster to ensure we all stuck to our deadlines. The result was three new SEO keyword-rich pieces of content on that blog every week. Here’s a sample of some of the things I wrote for 20|20 Research.