Pharmaceutical Commerce: Adverse Event Reporting Takes on a New Look

Pharmaceutical_Commerce_-_January_February_2013A lot of the writing I do wouldn’t be considered typical journalism, because it’s heavily influenced (and reviewed) by a client, and in many cases an article is even reviewed by the subject matter experts I interviewed. One publication to which I’ve contributed where that’s not the case is Pharmaceutical Commerce, a bimonthly that covers the business side of the pharmaceutical industry. I’ve written several long features over the past couple of years for this magazine, as well as a number of shorter news items for the website.

When I turned in this article on adverse event reporting and how pharmaceutical companies process and analyze them, for the January/February 2013 issue, my editor, Nick Basta, shot me back the following message, which, well, as you can see, of course I have to share:

“Just a quick note to say, the story is fabulous. Not only are you catching the main points I’d hoped to be covered; you got in a bunch of vendors I’d never heard of. On top of everything, it reads the way I write (which, if you think about it, is an implied praise of myself).”

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